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Musical artist Sharon Musgrave, is back soulful as ever with a free download. An awe inspiring track entitled “Hour” will be available first and foremost on her own website and did we mention it’s free?
It’s a track of many influences, her trademark throughout her career. A soulful fusion of funky grooves and always with conscientious lyrics and jazzy touches. This track is both rhythmically and vocally candy to your ears.

She finds enrichment in working on her own ideas with her partner Peter Grimmer, world class drummer and recording engineer. Peter was the musical rhythm behind her project Outflow and the new one to come. She embarks on an archival journey by reproducing songs she wrote before and after the flood. Through this new project, she hopes to give you the listener a cleansing from her soul to yours. If music is a mineral bath? Sharon expresses herself like the ingredient that makes it good for you. Recognizing the challenges of the music industry at present, hit or miss, as long as her music is released she’s happy to move forward. This free download “Hour” is her attempt at letting her audience know that she’s still about the music, and she has more in store.
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